Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Last night...

Because we were at our nephew's birthday party when we would normally be home bathing Morgan and getting her ready for bed, I had a feeling that our usual bedtime routine would be thrown out the window. That suspicion was confirmed when, after sleeping the whole way home, Morgan woke up and wanted to play as soon as we pulled into our driveway at 8:00.

After two unsuccessful attempts at putting her to bed, instead of being sound asleep in her crib like she should have been, by 9:00 Morgan was sitting on the living room floor playing the screaming game. A game where she screams, then I scream exactly like she just screamed. And we continue to take turns screaming back and forth, louder and louder, until Adam interrupts our fun by screaming profanities. (Okay, so that last part only happened once.) Except, I didn't want to encourage her bedtime rebellion by participating in her game, so she was sitting there happily screaming all by herself. She couldn't have cared less that it was way past her bedtime. She'd just taken a power nap in the car which, in her seven-month-old mind, meant it was TIME TO PLAY!

Eventually, Adam gave in and laid next to her on the floor. She was so excited that someone, anyone, was willing to play with her, that she nearly hyperventilated. After wildly flailing her arms and legs for a few seconds, she then proceeded to use Adam's face as a jungle gym. After watching them for a minute, I conceded that there was NO HOPE of getting that baby into bed any time in the near future, or the next two weeks for that matter, so I plopped myself on the floor next to them.

At one point, Adam put his arm around me and pulled me into his chest. As we sat there together, Morgan continued pinching our faces, jabbing her thumbs into our eyesockets and laughing. But, then she paused for just a moment, leaned directly into Adam, put her nose to his forehead and smiled.

And that's when I realized THIS IS IT. This is why I wanted to have children so badly. This is what being a family is. And this feeling? It's the best feeling in the whole world.

And even though it was another two hours before Morgan had calmed down enough to go to sleep, and it's just going to be that much harder to get her into bed tonight... I'm so incredibly grateful for the memory we created.


  1. Those are the best moments in life - the ones where you can look around and go, yep, this is EXACTLY what I'd hoped for...!


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