Monday, December 21, 2009

The annoyed eye roll

So, this morning I took Morgan in for her 4 month checkup and was surprised to find out that she has an ear infection in both ears. She's had a bit of a head cold: runny nose, a sneeze here and there. But she certainly hasn't acted like a sick baby.

I haven't decided if this makes me a good parent, that I have such a happy baby even when she isn't feeling well, or if it makes me a bad parent for not seeing the signs that she was getting sick. Either way, she starts a course of antibiotics today that should clear things up pretty well.

Near the end of the appointment I'd grabbed a tissue and started to wipe away some of the snot that had started to pool under Morgan's nose when the doctor laughed and said "She just rolled her eyes at you! I've never seen a baby roll their eyes like that!"

And then, as she turned to leave she mutters: "She certainly is her mother's daughter, isn't she?"

I'm still trying to pretend like I don't know what she was talking about.

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  1. Lol. Kids do the dangdest things. But I know what you mean about happy babies that are sick. Lily ended up with bronchitis... she sounded horrible the day of her 4 month checkup but she was the happiest little smiley thing... well except for the nebs I had to do on her. She screamed lol


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