Monday, September 28, 2009

Another way

Originally posted July 8, 2009

For a while now "the plan" has been to induce my labor at 37 weeks (which is next week, by the way) but the plan recently changed. Apparently my doctor has some pressing issues out of town (like an issue even exists that is more pressing than a completely clueless first time mom nearing her due date). So the induction has been pushed back at least a week and a half. Initially I was a little disappointed by this, but as I’ve thought about it I’ve realized that I’m perfectly happy staying pregnant for these last few weeks. I've weighed the facts, conducted a thorough cost-benefit analysis, looked carefully at all of the details and made a very important decision: In the next couple weeks I’m going to come up with a new way of getting this baby out of me.

Since I began reading and trying to educate myself about labor and delivery - which is pretty much mandatory at my stage in the game - I’ve basically come to the conclusion that pushing a baby out of THERE is quite similar to trying to squeeze a watermelon through ones nostril. But, the alternative to expressing another human being out of my lady parts is the dreaded C-section. Having my stomach cut open and my insides taken out of me- while I’m still awake- somehow sounds even less appealing to me. There’s just GOT to be another way!

I know I can’t put this off forever. I’m pretty sure that at some point my doctors are going to insist that I let this child out. They also point out that there are about six billion people on this planet, which means this whole birthing thing has been done, oh I don’t know... A LOT! And women all over the world just keep doing it, so there has to be some sort of silver lining.

This is going to happen at some point- that’s inevitable. And I'm honestly VERY excited (albeit a little terrified) about it. But all things considered, I’ve decided that my doctor having to leave town is actually a blessing in disguise. I’ve been given the gift of time. Time to purchase those last few things we need, time to appreciate a good night's rest before those sleepless nights get here, time to enjoy a few more dinner dates with my husband, and most importantly- time to work on that alternative birthing plan.

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